About Us

Our Vision

To create innovative solutions to meet community challenges and build strong, equitable and a sustainable community through education, engagement and collaborations. 

Our Mission

To connect neighbors, promote collaborative activities and foster civic involvement in our diverse community for both renters and homeowners.

·  Making the neighborhood a better place to live, work and play.

·  Adaptive reuse of historic buildings and vacant lots.

·  Stabilization of the neighborhood by facilitating compatible new development and redevelopment projects.

·  Supporting the growth of its culture, arts, and achieving excellence in the educational and recreational facilities that serve the Neighborhood.

·  Business and social systems for the enjoyment and fulfillment of the Neighborhood’s residents.

·  Strengthen and increase relationships among neighbors to promote a harmonious community. 

Our Purpose

 Provide a voice and effective means of conveying the concerns of the residents and create and maintain transparency with residents regarding issues related to;

1.  Operating as a community improvement neighborhood association for the Neighborhood.

2.  Preserve and protect residential values, community and property located within the Neighborhood. 

3.  Social Economic Development.

4.  Historic Preservation.

5.  Community Benefits agreements (CBA) to provide legally binding agreements that are enforceable by the Neighborhood.

6.  Health and Safety

7.  Community engagement and such other issues as may be raised from time to time by the Members or broadly by anyone in the Neighborhood.

·  Promote Neighborhood residents to become involved in community and governmental affairs.

·  Work for the overall rehabilitation and beautification of the Neighborhood.